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Please note that dates for the zodiac signs can vary from year to year. To confirm your actual Sun sign, do a free chart here. Feel the fear and do it anyway, Aries. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Resist making assumptions or flinging accusations. Not everything is as it appears at the moment. The person in question is more interested in advancing their own aims, even if that means derailing yours. Establish new boundaries then give your goals some extra energy. Stay calm, cool and collected today, Cancer.

Someone could test your patience by throwing a curveball into your plan. Recognize that this person is just making sure their voice and vision get included in the final outcome—and they might be marking their turf a little too. Locking horns will only be to your detriment, so keep your composure.

Aries: The Person You Are Behind Closed Doors

Let this showboater do their song and dance. The truth may throw you for a loop today, Leo, but it could also nip your fears in the bud.

Power struggles could ensue today as the Aries moon battles calculating Pluto in Capricorn.

A moon-Pluto square gives you the guts to raise the tough issues, but remember that dialogue is a two-way street. Curb the urge to cut people off mid-sentence. Before you respond, make a point of thoughtfully considering their contributions to the conversation.

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While you might not be pleased with what they have to say, you can still reach a compromise. But that will only happen if you keep your ears and heart open. Keep a few cards close to your vest today, Virgo. While you may prefer to be percent transparent from the get-go, your candor could be too much for people to take in all at once.

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Inform them a little at a time instead of bowling them over with your year forecast. The combination of confidence and mystery will amp up your appeal. A tense situation with a woman in your world could throw a wrench into your plans for co-creation. Despite your different stances, recognize that this pairing has potential.

Instead of going head-to-head while emotions are running high, table negotiations for when cooler temperaments prevail.

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When you need to be productive, find a playlist that keeps you calmly moving along. Extend the dance revolution into the evening and sweat it out at a Zumba class. Or, if the spirit moves you, hook up with friends for a great DJ set. Take a mental vacation today, Aries.

With the moon and Neptune in your soulful twelfth house, it's the perfect time for midweek yoga, meditation or a slower pace overall.

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Connect with your emotions and intuition, which will be powerfully activated by this transit. Journal around gut feelings, or just free-write or sketch or strum to connect with your muse. You could also have vivid dreams that contain helpful messages and guidance. Romanticizing the past?


Release yourself from pain by remembering that this is about THEM, not you. Money can get a little funny on Saturday, Aries, so keep a tight grip on your wallet. With Venus and Uranus locking horns in your financial sectors, you might get struck with an unexpected expense, or your bank balance could be hungry for one more zero.

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In a mindless act of retail therapy, you might splurge on an impulse and nonrefundable object. Before you whip out your Visa, sleep on it. You have the stage, and any message you care to share will be well received today. While you're at it, take time out to reflect on the last six months and honor all the things you've accomplished since the Aries NEW moon on April 5 of this year.

You've evolved and gained awareness, and that is something to celebrate.