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Our Services will help you to improve positivity, peace, harmony, health, prosperity and vitality in our lives. We are providing astrological prediction, consultations and remedies to the people.

Tarot Revels The Will Of God

We deliver the top most services because of experience and immense knowledge of this domain. We help to sort out the specific problem in households, offices, factories by suggesting the reliable solutions as per Vastu Shastra and Astrology. We offer authentic and genuine astrology predictions of a person. Known as the study of hands, palmistry has been accepted as a scientific activity all over the world.

According to the principles of Nadi Astrology the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal sub divisions of Signs with equal subdivisions of the 27 Nakshatras.

Woman-in-Progress. Coming Along Decently.: My Wondrous Nadi Shastra Experience

There are numerous types of Astrology defined worldwide. KP system is one of them. It is also known as "KP Astrology". As per Lal Kitab, the karmic effect of your previous births is carried in your current birth.

What is Nadi Astrology - Nadi Shastra 2000 yr old astrological science

These karmic effects are resulted as debts as per Lal Kitab. Worth every penny.

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I did a remote reading via Skype, and Eve took so much time explaining each card's meaning and then how everything connected to everything else. I'm still just over the moon about my reading! Thank you for the summary and card layout. This was such a cathartic experience for me.

Please continue what you're doing. It is such a gift.

Nadi Jyotish Kendra - Gurgaon

I want you to know that your reading has brought me so much clarity as things have been unfolding in my life. Yogi Astrology provided my tarot card reading with such insightful, accuracy. Their gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my life. Yogi Astrology is of a different breed. He gives very good predictions which are really realistic I recommended him to my friends as well..

But Shri S. Chhibber with his experience, suggested them to get married and they are living happily now. Shreya Dhawan. September ABOUT us.

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