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Bow hunter Keith Matthew Emerald, 32, faces two felony charges and two misdemeanors. The ignition was deemed accidental and the shooter was not charged. Raymond Lee Oyler was convicted of setting this fire and others and sentenced to death in Transient Steven Butcher was sentenced to 45 months in prison. William Matthew Rupp was accused of ignoring warnings not to mow during hot weather and sentenced to four years in prison.

Sergio Martinez pleaded guilty and served six months in a halfway house. No arrests. Back to Gallery What causes California's most devastating wildfires.

California Dad Pens Handwritten Letter Pleading with the Public to Help Find His Missing Daughter

Ma proceeded to name the pet "Dave" and take it home to show her friends. Craig Wilson, Costco's vice president of food safety, told the SGV Tribune he has never heard of this happening before. Wilson continued, "If you consider that he's been under refrigeration..

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Judy Lundberg, the president of Babe Farms, told the Huffington Post that the incident actually confirms that her product is safe and healthy. Instead, the product is cleaned by running it through washers and shakers, explained Lundberg, and Babe Farms processes 20, pounds of salad a day this way.

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Lundberg is taking the attention to her company in stride, and, like Wilson, expressed admiration for the hardy tree frog. US Edition U.

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